For those keeping tabs: Still running a fever, still not eating (well not good anyway) and still exhausted.  This is two pictures because it always shocks me that in less than a minute we can go from this:

To This: 275


Still running a fever.  Still won’t eat, still exhausted and not picking up your toys because you have been distracted by a book.  I see a pattern forming. 233


I ask you every night to pick up your toys.  I keep asking you to pick them up in hopes that one day you will understand what I mean.  Well today is the day.  You surprised me by picking up all of your toys and putting them in your toy basket.  CRAZY!!!!! 232


Do you…do you….do you…do you…do you…do you know the muffin man?  Well we do.  And I wish I didn’t know him so well but this little truck has insured that we will.  Aunt Shirley and Uncle Frank willingly gave us this truck when we left their house and I definitely know why.  You LOVE it, however.  It plays two songs and apparently (according to you) it constantly has to be playing one of them.  When the song stops, you press the button again.  Sometimes you don’t even wait for the entire song to start when you start pressing it again at a rapid pace.  This results in one or two words being said over and over and over again.  You think it’s hilarious.  I’m sure Aunt Shirley and Uncle Frank do to. 😉 231


You love pushing around your cart and putting toys in it. It’s still crazy to see you walking along behind it. 219


Aunt Julie came to visit tonight and you had a lot of fun showing her your toys. 216


Ashley gets to watch you for the next two nights while we attend Max’s wedding.  Immediately when she walked in you started to show her every toy you had.