Happy New Year!

Happy New Year baby boy!  This time last year we were wondering what you would look and be like.  This year we are watching you turn into a little man.  You are such a beautiful boy with a fun personality emerging.  We can’t wait for this year to come, it will be very exciting.  Meeting you was most definitely the best thing about 2011, it would be hard for it not to be.  In fact, I’m pretty certain meeting you is the best thing EVER!


Photo.a.day 99


Well you are officially crawling all over the place, or actually slithering all over the place.  We had lots of fun playing with your new car toys and exploring all of the new places in the house that you can reach.  You already hate the word ‘No’, you get told that when you try to hang on the drapes or reach in the cat food.  You love chasing the cats and dogs and you seem to be enamoured with the stone tiles in the bathroom.

Photo.a.day 98


Well this photo of the day was hard to choose so I decided to include two.  We stayed in on New Year’s Eve and watched the Twilight Zone.  You rang in the New Year by sleeping and Daddy and I struggled to stay up.  Happy New Year baby boy, I can’t wait to see all of the fun that 2012 will bring!