I love when quick snap shots turn out to be amazing shots.  This is now one of my all time favorites!

POD 410-2a 401


Well we decided that you should be a Yo Gabba Gabba character since that’s really the only show you watch and we figured that would mean that you would know who you were.  Oh Plex….how fun how fun!  You went to Mrs. Barbara’s house and thought the candy was a toy so you stacked them like blocks. You also think that it is ok to go into other people’s houses and explore. Not really the point of trick-r-treating but I’m sure you’ll learn. 376


Oh a House Divided!  Your lucky your this cute, otherwise, I’m not sure Poppi would be this happy to have a Gator in his lap! 375


Oh how you love your Mimi.  Oh and for the record…Mrs. Barbara’s house is a house full of NO’S!  I think that is all I chased you around saying. 371


You love putting your “babies” to sleep.  That’s what you do before you go to sleep.  Curious George, Paris (your bunny I got you in Paris) and Soft Bear (Julianna’s first present to you) always lay down with you and then you cover them with a blanket.  So cute! 366


You love your flash cards.  You can pick them up when we ask you for certain animals and you have even become quite good at picking up the letters when we ask for them too.  You’re becoming quite a smart little boy! 357


Not a very exciting picture…no…but this is a normal evening for us.  This is a normal dinner that tends to be one of his favorites. He’s also gotten quite good at using his spoon and fork which works out quite well.  Roasted shrimp with olive oil, roasted green beans and couscous with sauted garlic spinach.  Just another night in the Dencer household.