Photo of the Day 91

Photo of the Day 91

We started Easter morning in your brand new sand box that Daddy built for you.  You were in heaven.

POD 91 (1)-2

POD 91 (2)-2

We ended the day at Mimi’s, where Aunt Ju hid the eggs incredibly hard and so pretty much had to find them for you.  You still had fun, however.

POD 91 (10)-2 POD 91 (9)-2 POD 91 (7)-2 POD 91 (6)-2 POD 91 (5)-2 POD 91 (4)-2 POD 91 (3)-2POD 91 (8)-2


So much fun on Easter!!  We went to Mimi and Poppi’s and enjoyed some Rib roast…YUM!!!!  And of course some egg action.  Well really you just sat there and enjoyed stacking the egg pieces together.  And when I said enjoyed, I mean for at least an hour.