No you’re not stretching, this is how you get onto your stomach from a sitting position.  It’s not graceful, in fact right after this was snapped you did a face plant.  But you’re so happy to get on your stomach you just don’t care.  It’s better then when you just flopped back, that always scared me.

Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’……

Ok your crawl is very strange.  It’s the mixture of a marine manuever (Gaga would be proud) and a crawl.  When you start “the move” it is absolutely hilarious.  Mimi will LOVE this post!!!!

This is the beginning….besides just being a really cute picture showing off your tiny cords and tiny orange sweatshirt….you are beginning to plot your next move.  Where will you go???  What will you reach for???? Oh the suspense!!!!

And it begins….this is how you start and often there is a pause which makes it really funny.  But what made it really funny this time was…..that you kept your leg up for….a whole MINUTE!!  I thought I was going to get an action shot but I got nothing but a big laugh….so I’ll take it!