Photo of the Day 92

Photo of the Day 92

You got so many new legos on your birthday.  You love playing with all of them.  You mostly want us to build you stuff but you are getting better at doing it on your own.  Monster trucks (just a really big truck), dump trucks and a tow truck are the most requested….

POD 92 (2)-2 POD 92 (3)-2 POD 92 (4)-2 POD 92 (1)-2

Photo of the Day 85

Photo of the Day 85

Oh all of the Birthday loot…oh and the frustration of legos…

POD 85 (2)-2 POD 85 (1)-2

Photo of the Day 50

Photo of the Day 50

You guys were making all kinds of things with the legos tonight, including one of your personal favorites….an airplane.  In fact, at one point you thought we were going to go flying in an airplane right then and you were ready to go!  We will have to go up with Poppi soon!

POD 50-2