Merry Christmas Grass Rhino…

Well Santa got you the Grass Rhino.  What a fun Christmas.

IMG_0403-2 IMG_0405-2

The Grinch!

I think we watched The Grinch 60 times on Christmas Eve morning….60!!! Then we enjoyed lunch with everyone and a fantastic dinner.  We’re ready for Santa!




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ER visit

Well unfortunately your temperature spiked to 104.5 tonight and you had to visit the ER.  You were an extremely good patient.  You got a little stuffed cat that volunteers make from the staff and we even enjoyed a book while waiting.  Not an ideal night but luckily you only had a double ear infection.

20140114-185324.jpg 20140114-185403.jpg 20140114-185424.jpg 20140114-185439.jpg 20140114-185502.jpg