Merry Christmas Grass Rhino…

Well Santa got you the Grass Rhino.  What a fun Christmas.

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The Grinch!

I think we watched The Grinch 60 times on Christmas Eve morning….60!!! Then we enjoyed lunch with everyone and a fantastic dinner.  We’re ready for Santa!




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ER visit

Well unfortunately your temperature spiked to 104.5 tonight and you had to visit the ER.  You were an extremely good patient.  You got a little stuffed cat that volunteers make from the staff and we even enjoyed a book while waiting.  Not an ideal night but luckily you only had a double ear infection.

20140114-185324.jpg 20140114-185403.jpg 20140114-185424.jpg 20140114-185439.jpg 20140114-185502.jpg

Our Christmas Tree!

We finally went and got our Christmas Tree to put up.  You were very excited.  In no time, we had the tree setup and decorated then we went out to eat with everyone.  Boy you were tired.  I think the all nighter driving the night before definitely made you tired!

20140114-184541.jpg 20140114-184607.jpg 20140114-184653.jpg 20140114-184729.jpg 20140114-184758.jpg 20140114-184852.jpg 20140114-184930.jpg

The Grinch

I can’t even tell you how many times we watched The Grinch on this morning.  It was almost too much for me!