Christmas Day

Well, finally Christmas day was here.  We know in years to come this will be a day that is hard to wait for.  We were excited about your first Christmas and seeing you open all of the presents you had under the tree at Mimi and Popi’s house.

It started on Christmas Eve when we went over to the house for Roast Beast and a good old game of Old Maid.  PS…..Popi was the Old Maid this year.

Then it was Christmas morning.  You opened some presents but then had to take a nap.

This is technically your first present you have ever opened.  You did a really good job and were very careful to set the paper down next to you for Julianna to pick up. 93


You really really like playing with your Fire Truck. 92


Your favorite present was the fire truck for sure.  You loved to turn it over and play with the wheels.  You did not get through all of your presents before you needed a nap, however.