Our Christmas Tree!

We finally went and got our Christmas Tree to put up.  You were very excited.  In no time, we had the tree setup and decorated then we went out to eat with everyone.  Boy you were tired.  I think the all nighter driving the night before definitely made you tired!

20140114-184541.jpg 20140114-184607.jpg 20140114-184653.jpg 20140114-184729.jpg 20140114-184758.jpg 20140114-184852.jpg 20140114-184930.jpg

It’s tree time!

We have set the tree up at Mimi’s!  You helped put the ornaments up this year but you were very picky on which ones you put up.

IMG_0020-2 IMG_0017-2

Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree!

You mean you put lots of little toys on a tree and then you tell me I can’t touch it?!?!?!?!?!  Good luck with that!

Well Aunt Julianna and I put the unbreakable stuff on the bottom. It’s still way too tempting!

POD 417-2