Maximo’s Birthday

Well we went to the Alligator Farm to celebrate Maximo’s Anniversary.  You kept claiming it was his birthday.  I went with it because I figured trying to explain what an Anniversary was would be more confusing then worth it.  I didn’t get any actual pictures of you watching Maximo, mainly because it was us and 100 of our closest “friends”.  But enjoyed watching him and Sydney eat.  Your highlight?  Probably a toss up between getting to eat animal crackers or getting ANOTHER toy crocodile.

This is what I get now when I ask for a picture of you with the Alligator.


Here is you trying to guess what animal your cracker was.

IMG_9812-2 IMG_9813-2 IMG_9817-2 IMG_9816-2 IMG_9814-2

Photo of the Day 34

Photo of the Day 34

This is the only picture we could get with you and Daddy on an alligator.  Note how you are making sure that the gator does not move.  You would stand right at the glass, practically face to face with a real gator but would touch a fake one.

POD 34-2 391


This seemed like a safe distance to you.  And after hearing all of the Gator’s growl (which is quite a frightening noise if you haven’t heard it), I agree!