Just a playground type of weekend!

We just kept exploring different playgrounds.  Now it’s going to be hard to decide which ones to go back to!

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A new playground

Today we got to check out Treaty Park’s playground when we met Ella and Elias there with Mrs. Amy.  You had the best time on the corkscrew slide.  You did it over and over and over again.  And of course cried when you had to leave.  You played baby lion with Mama Lion (Ella) and Daddy Lion (Elias) in the tennis court after lunch.  It was so funny.

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You even got to eat Gummy Bears for the first time.  Needless to say you loved them!

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You had so much fun at the playground today.  You loved chasing the big kids around, because you thought you were taking part in their tag game and we had to swing of course.  Then a walk down St. George Street for an ice cream cone…your first one…

I’d say it was a perfect Sunday afternoon indeed!