Your friend Jack

This is your friend Jack.  You have become a huge fan of the movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas.  We have watched is at least 5 times this month.  We catch you singing “This is Halloween” all of the time and it’s pretty cute. Oh we are going to miss the month of October in this house!

IMG_9353-2 401


Well we decided that you should be a Yo Gabba Gabba character since that’s really the only show you watch and we figured that would mean that you would know who you were.  Oh Plex….how fun how fun!  You went to Mrs. Barbara’s house and thought the candy was a toy so you stacked them like blocks. You also think that it is ok to go into other people’s houses and explore. Not really the point of trick-r-treating but I’m sure you’ll learn. 400


You of course picked a kitty cat for me to carve in the pumpkin.  You were so excited when it was done.  You would just run to it and say, “Kitty cat, kitty cat!!!”.