Cooking with Mama

Finally you are old enough to help me cook.  We are making a frittata here for dinner.  You cracked the eggs, measured the water and mixed.  Such a good kitchen helper.  Then you didn’t want to get down.

IMG_9788-2 IMG_9787-2 IMG_9786-2 IMG_9782-2

What a face!

This face.  This face cracks me up.



I am thankful for so much this year.  I am thankful that I was able to continue the for so long.  Now that I am way past a year in posts I am taking a break from every day photos until the new year.

Back to regular scheduled programming….

You are thankful for Turkey!

POD 416 (1)-2

Eagerly awaiting Turkey.  Someone feed this kid!

POD 416 (2)-2

Daddy fed you finally!

POD 416 (3)-2


POD 416 (4)-2


POD 416 (5)-2