Photo of the Day 101

Photo of the Day 101

First day at Disney was a success!  You of course cried when you got off of you first ride – Pirates of the Caribbean.  You throughly enjoyed Peter Pan, the Haunted House, the Little Mermaid and It’s a Small World.  Aunt Ju bought you your first Mickey Ears and we got your name embroidered on the back.

POD 101 (4)-2 POD 101 (3)-2 POD 101 (2)-2 POD 101 (1)-2

You sat in Gaston’s chair and hammed it up for the room.  I might be prejudice but I think that you were seriously the cutest little kid to ever wear Mickey ears….I’m just saying…

POD 101 (6)-2 POD 101 (5)-2

We went and saw Mickey.  You were in awe.  You gave him multiple hugs, kissed him on the nose, gave him a high-five and shook his hand.  We ended it with a great picture!  So much fun and it was only our first day!

POD 101 (10)-2 POD 101 (8)-2 POD 101 (9)-2 POD 101 (7)-2