The cups of chowder were just the right size for you at the Chowder Debate.  You should have been a judge!!!

POD 405 402


We went to go get your fruit from Diane’s and you were obsessed with holding the oranges.  You could not even wait until you got home to take a bite.  Hopefully a little peel will not hurt you. 401


Well we decided that you should be a Yo Gabba Gabba character since that’s really the only show you watch and we figured that would mean that you would know who you were.  Oh Plex….how fun how fun!  You went to Mrs. Barbara’s house and thought the candy was a toy so you stacked them like blocks. You also think that it is ok to go into other people’s houses and explore. Not really the point of trick-r-treating but I’m sure you’ll learn.