Photo of the Day 79

Photo of the Day 79

We went for another round of yoga.  This time toddler yoga.  I got to go with you this Tuesday but Mimi got to start the yoga with you.  My favorite story from the first class was when in the middle of the class, you grabbed your shoes and headed for the door.  When Mimi asked you what you were doing, you pointed outside saying, “I go zoom zoom in Mimi’s car. Car out there.”  Mimi kindly explained to you that class was still happening (they were more than likely staring at you, that’s if they even noticed you amongst the madness) and that you would have to finish the class before you left.

Our experience was a little less eventful, mainly because it consisted of you sitting behind me against the wall the whole time shaking your hand at me very dismissively saying “No no” everytime I suggested that you join me in a pose.  Even still, it was so fun to spend the morning with you and get to do something fun (I hesitate to call it relaxing).  It made the day instantly good.

POD 79 (3)-2 POD 79 (2)-2 POD 79 (1)-2

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