Photo of the Day 78

Photo of the Day 78

We went over to Mimi and Poppi’s house tonight and had dinner.  We claimed that we were kicking off “Birthday week”.  While Mimi was cleaning out some stuff, she had found my old Cabbage Patch Kid, Emmitt.  Emmitt has always been bad news.  For starters, it’s always been a known fact that he bit Aunt Annie some years back.  With that being said, I really think that Emmitt got a bad rap, being the only boy and all.  You were somewhat enamoured with him but found it way more hilarious when I would act like I was scolding Emmitt.  You laughed so hard….it was hilarious.  Then you took him around and he would “do something bad” and I would have to scold him.  You would fall into hysterics.  Poor Emmitt….nothing has changed….you will still get a bad rap.

POD 78 (1)-2

For some reason during dinner the napkins ended up on our heads.  You thought yours looked like a pirate hat.  Now every time you see a cloth napkin you want a pirate hat and start your rendition of “Yo Ho! Yo Ho!! A pirates life for me!

POD 78 (2)-2 POD 78 (3)-2 POD 78-2

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