Photo of the Day 80

Photo of the Day 80

Today was your second birthday.  And at the risk of sounding cliche….I really don’t know how this came so fast.  It felt as if the first year went slow (not in a bad way).  But this second year has been a whirlwind.  We started by going to Creekside for dinner with Mimi.  When we got home, Daddy was itching to set up your birthday gift which was a Hot Wheels track.  You guys quickly tested all of the cars to see which ones worked and to fine tune your track creation.  You are going to have a lot of fun with this track!  We of course ended the night with a chocolate cupcake (first time you have had chocolate cake I believe).  You throughly enjoyed it.

These last two years have been amazing.  You have learned so much and so have we.  It’s an unbelievable experience to watch you grow into a little boy.  I can’t wait to see what experiences this next year brings.  We love you so much Bugs.

POD 80 (1)-2 POD 80 (2)-2 POD 80 (3)-2 POD 80 (4)-2 POD 80 (5)-2

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day 80

  1. Happy Birthday!
    I know what you mean. The first year did seem slow compared to the second. My son turns 2 in April and already he’s starting to behave more like an older child and less like a toddler. Just the way he plays, acts, and talks, it’s amazing.

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