Halloween Part 3

Did I mention that Dada and I’s friend, Michael Paul (better known as Jesus Mike), came trick or treating with us while he was in town?  You had never met him before but you guys became fast friends…..and I mean FAST!  You thought he was absolutely hysterical!

IMG_9681 IMG_9684 IMG_9691 IMG_9692 IMG_9693

You guys were virtually inseparable by the end of the night.  We were sad to see him go!

IMG_9714 IMG_9716

We ended our night by trick or treating at the Ferreira’s and you had to take a spin in their little car and make me some soup in the play house.  It was the best Halloween ever!  We are sad to see it go and can’t wait until next year!

IMG_9718 IMG_9722 IMG_9727 IMG_9730 IMG_9732

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