Halloween Part 1

We started Halloween by going to the office so that everyone could see your costume.  They LOVED it!  You also got to practice some trick or treating and got some pretty nice loot if I do say so myself!

You even posed for pictures!  Well I was an exception to that…You will not pose for my pictures.

IMG_9647 IMG_9648

You of course had to play with Jesus and MC Hammer when you went to visit John.

IMG_9650 IMG_9652

I told you that you could have one piece of candy before we left and apparently it was an extremely hard choice.

IMG_9653 IMG_9655



2 thoughts on “Halloween Part 1

    • Yes we were lucky enough to have this happen during the day. I have some night pics too in my next post. I’ve been playing with low light photography lately and luckily so since it got dark so fast that night.

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