Your 3rd…yes 3rd trip to Disney


We visited Disney World for your third time this weekend.  You’re pretty lucky you have parents that are Disney nuts!  We took a long weekend and stayed at the Wilderness Lodge.  We forgot your Mickey ears at home so we let you choose some new ears for this trip.  You chose Donald ears.  We got to meet Donald at Epcot!

You also got your hat autographed by him and then he walked off with you!!!  I think Donald thought you were soooo cute that he just started walking off with you!!!  He gave you back, however.

IMG_0012-2IMG_9995-2a IMG_9998-2a wdw20132576039424 wdw20132576039522


You also visited with the Chipmunks!

wdw20132565757743_6849118554_18 wdw20132565757744

And for the highlight of the weekend….You finally got a Hook!  Yes, you’re first hook!  You wore it everywhere….all weekend!


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