Photo of the Day 103

Photo of the Day 103

Oh you were quite the charmer on Day 3!  You got the whole princess room to yourself and you loved it.  You told all of the princesses about the Pirates and the cannons on Pirates of the Caribbean.  They were very impressed at your bravery, especially after Cinderella asked you if you had slayed many dragons and you responded by showing your ability to wield a sword.  She was impressed to say the least.

POD 103 (3)-2 POD 103 (2)-2 POD 103 (1)-2

POD 103 (4)-2

Oh and the kiss stayed with you.

POD 103 (6)

You also had your first ride on a real train!!!

POD 103 (5)-2

And you of course met Buzz.  Great first trip to Disney and I’m sure there will be many many more!

POD 103 (6)-2 POD 103 (7)-2


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