Flashback Part 1……The Beginning.

Well since I didn’t start this blog until about 3 months in, I have a little catching up to do so I will start doing some flashbacks.  Where better to start then the beginning….

March 20, 2011 at around 1pm, we drove to the hospital and got ready for your arrival.  I had been in labor since Saturday and by the late morning of the next day it was definitely time to go.  We were so excited to meet you!!!!

And at around 9:17….here you came, all 7lbs and 7ozs of you…..

You were so curious right away.  You just starred and starred at us…..so cute!

and then you slept and slept and slept……

This was quite literally the best day of our lives.  We couldn’t imagine being happier then we were then except that we are because we get to spend each day with you and it just gets better and better!

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