A fun Saturday!

We were so happy to have a holiday weekend and even though Daddy went away for the weekend, we weren’t going to let that get us down.  After a sleep in (I literally had to wake you up, which I can’t lie is pretty awesome, especially because you wake up so darn happy) we started the day at the farmer’s market.

We bought some apples, pears and bananas.  Then we came home and roasted them for your morning meal.  You loved it a lot!

We went to lunch with Mimi and Aunt Julianna at Cap’s.  You sat in your first high chair at a restaurant.

We finished the day by going to the outlet mall and then to Creekside to eat with Amy and Ella.  This means that you stayed up very late, with very little sleep all day.  You still thoroughly enjoyed dinner….

And you were still a happy boy when you got home….you even slept all night.


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